"The best bankruptcy boutique in the state of Texas."

~ Chambers (client quote)

Clients turn to Forshey Prostok for innovative business solutions and exceptional legal advice. We excel in maximizing value to our clients through creative and cost-effective case management. Efficient client services, teamwork and favorable results are the essence of Forshey Prostok.


Innovative Bankruptcy and Litigation Solutions

Forshey Prostok has extensive experience and resounding success in all areas of bankruptcy law. The firm’s scope of recent and on-going representation includes guiding business reorganizations, enforcement of creditor’s rights, leading commercial and bankruptcy related litigation, overseeing creditor’s committees, directing workouts, and closing bankruptcy acquisitions. Many members of the firm have clerked for bankruptcy judges, and all of our attorneys have hands-on experience with complex bankruptcies.

A cornerstone of the Forshey Prostok approach to client service focuses on the dynamic balancing of small firm practicalities and efficiencies with the sophistication and resources of much larger law firms. Our attorneys and staff embrace evolving technologies which result in more efficient, flexible, and responsive outcomes for our clients. To ensure a smooth transition into the complex world of bankruptcy, we work hand in hand with our client’s “key personnel” to achieve the legal solutions to business problems. This cooperation extends to referring attorneys, whose participation and input are encouraged and sought whenever appropriate.

As everchanging political, social, and economic environments cause uncertainty, unpredictable swings, and unexpected lows in particular sectors of the oil and gas market, Forshey Prostok has developed expertise with many oil and gas companies. Forshey Prostok has assisted numerous oil and gas companies who have sought relief in bankruptcy from debt as a result of increases in operating costs and decreases in the value of oil and gas, and litigation expenses, judgments, or arbitration awards. Forshey Prostok has also helped companies preserve their rights as creditors in the rapidly growing number of oil and gas bankruptcies throughout the country. Forshey Prostok has significant experience representing owners, service companies, operators, and mineral interest holders from the smaller, family-owned, generationally passed companies in Texas, to international and multi-national oil and gas corporations.

Forshey Prostok provides its clients with the best possible results in the courtroom in an efficient manner at the least possible cost.  You only need one bad experience to know that a good attorney makes a huge difference. Forshey Prostok recognizes that litigation is not what most clients want but is what is sometimes necessary. Forshey Prostok lawyers skillfully guide clients through the maze of litigation, placing the client’s interests first and foremost by providing sound advice from the lawyers who will actually try the case, not trial strategies filtered through the eyes of inexperienced lawyers