Debtor Representations – Forshey Prostok has the capacity and flexibility to handle Chapter 11 reorganizations ranging from the simplest “Mom and Pop shop” to the most complex Fortune 500 company. Regardless of the size or shape of a client, every company has its own unique needs, relationships, and standards for long-term viability. Forshey Prostok is uniquely poised to understand these issues, and creatively and effectively meet these needs during reorganization.

Creditor Representations – Forshey Prostok thinks that creditors in a Chapter 11 case deserve a hard-nosed, aggressive approach in order to protect their rights. Secured lenders, vendors and trade creditors, banking institutions, individual investors, and landlords throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex and across the nation rely on Forshey Prostok to maximize the value to creditors. When a creditor becomes a defendant, during an active reorganization or later in a preference suit, Forshey Prostok has a significant record of success in efficiently disposing of such litigation.

Trustee Representations –Forshey Prostok has represented many of the Trustees in the Northern District of Texas, as well as serving as counsel for Trustees throughout the country. Like any other client, our firm recognizes the unique challenges and responsibilities that face a Trustee acting on behalf of a bankruptcy estate. Our firm’s commitment to enhancing the estate is reflected by our previous successes.

Committee Representations –There is, perhaps, no party in bankruptcy facing more uncertainty than the various committees that may be formed in a business reorganization. Committee counsel must have the experience to decipher bankruptcy proceedings, the knowledge to understand how the Debtor business works, the diplomacy to juggle competing needs between the diverse interested parties in bankruptcy, and the common sense to recognize opportunity for the committee and its constituents. Forshey Prostok succeeds by consistently creatively and aggressively pursuing opportunities for recovery.

Asset Acquisitions – Forshey Prostok has represented parties seeking to acquire assets in bankruptcy as well as non-bankruptcy purchases.  The firm has extensive experience in the § 363 sale process having represented numerous parties in all facets of bankruptcy sales.

Litigation Representations – Forshey Prostok represents companies and individuals in all types of cases—from the most complex commercial disputes to life-altering personal disputes. The firm has represented public companies, privately held companies and individual owners in business disputes involving professional malpractice, shareholder disputes, trademark protection, patent infringement, fraud and breach of contract. Forshey Prostok regularly represents clients in litigation in federal court, state court and arbitration.

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